C3 Founding Funders

Thank you to these dedicated Cancer Cure Council (C3) members, whose commitment to LLS is pushing the boundaries of research and discovery, further, faster, toward one goal: curing cancer.


Catherine Johnson-Armstrong

In honor of Ted Richter

When I was asked to weigh in about the C3,  I felt an air of “aha”. This is where I belong; what I have to be a part of. This concept of linear giving, the commitment to see things through, to be the force giving LLS the necessary edge to find the finish line. It is my obligation to be a part of this council if I have the means to give and have a passion and need to find the cure for blood cancers. I believe that cure will be found through LLS.

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Jay Torborg and Diana Dickinson

Howard Hedinger

The Hedinger Family Foundation

Fredrick and Cherie Pond

Fredrick: I am a two-time survivor of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma giving me firsthand experience fighting cancer.  Cherie and I want to be part of finding a cure. C3 is a means to advance cancer research and lifesaving therapies with 100% of the funds donated going directly to cutting-edge research.  Our donation is also given to honor all caregivers; their selfless devotion is a key component to any treatment plan.

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Dan and JoAnne Coolidge

Jay: When I was first diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 1999, the treatment options were very limited compared to what are available today. I responded well to the chemo but my cancer returned a few short years later. In that brief time, new treatment options became available and I have now been in remission for more than 15 years. Continued research is critical to find new treatments with fewer side effects until we have completely eradicated cancer. Without funding from organizations like LLS, this isn't going to happen. LLS is doing a great job supporting efforts that have resulted in major breakthroughs in treatments of blood-related cancers and I'm proud to support them.

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We were very impressed and appreciative of the role LLS played in the diagnosis and treatment after JoAnne was diagnosed with AML in April of 2015. Subsequent to her successful stem cell transplant, we are committed to helping with the fight against AML.